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Improve your existing antibody panel or build a new one from scratch. Compare prices, clones, and more.

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  • Choose or load a cytometer

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What Scientists are saying

  • “The Panel Builder and instrument configuration uploader through Fluorish provides tools to users that are a valuable resource to the community, adding support for standardized semantic naming of reagent targets and fluorophores. Panel element standards will be a significant advancement for the field and Fluorish is well poised to take a leadership role in this area.”Ryan Brinkman, PhD
    Associate Professor, Dept. Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia
    Senior Scientist, BC Cancer Agency
  • “BioLegend has supported Fluorish from its inception. Fluorish provides tools that make panel design, researching reagents, sharing flow information, and ordering more efficient. The Panel Builder is stepwise and intuitive, and decreases the time spent on panel design. The Fluorish website allows users to search multiple reagent catalogs for specific criteria, all in one place, and provides a direct link to the vendor's product page if more information is desired. Fluorish is pushing the flow cytometry reagent market into the age of the Internet.”Dzung Nguyen, Ph.D.
    Director, Technical Marketing
  • “We have used Fluorish in our multi-user flow cytometry facility at Purdue University for several months. We are impressed with the capabilities for identifying flow cytometry reagents and designing research experiments on the core instrumentation. Fluorishmakes experimental design and planning much for efficient for our flow cytometry core facility user base.”Justin Meyers
    Scientific Consultant, Beckman Coulter
    Former Purdue University Flow CytometryCore Manager
  • “My lab has been using Fluorish for over a year and we find it to be an incredible timesaver in designing panels for clients. We are able to offer this service free of charge to more than twice as many core users than before we began using Fluorish, enabling researchers who are cytometry novices to produce publishable data much more rapidly. It also encourages the use of appropriate techniques and controls by facilitating rapid core responses to user requests. Fluorish frees me to focus on teaching the theory of panel design rather than searching the internet for appropriate reagents.”Karen Clise-Dwyer, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • “When I came here to Florida, I made a core account with Fluorish, uploaded our instruments configurations, and made sure all my users knew about the program. The feedback I have heard from the researchers is that Fluorish has been extremely instrumental in helping them to not only design complicated panels that will work with our instruments, but that they can also locate vendors that supply the reagents.”Kim Kusser,
    Senior Research Assistant, Flow Cytometry Core
    Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida
  • “The Fluorish interface has been key to allowing me to more efficiently develop flow cytometry panels. I can find vendors for different antibodies and fluorochromes in one convenient arena. I use the Fluorish panel wizard and upload my own custom flow cytometry configuration, allowing me to see clearly what channels are left open, and how many commercially available clones can be used for each channel. Overall, this is a huge save on time, and I use the application every time I develop a new 8 color panel.”Lisa Barrett, M.D., Ph.D.
    Clinician investigator
    Dalhousie University
  • “I recently began using Fluorish for my flow cytometry core facility and I have received strongly positive feedback from several researchers about its usefulness for assisting them with experiment design. Now, when I get requests from new users I can direct them to Fluorish to help them choose the dyes that best fit their experiment and our instrument. The researcher can log into the Fluorish website, pull up the actual configuration of our instrument, and design their panel specifically for our instrument. This process leads to less confusion and a better experiment.”Patricia Rogers
    Manager, Bauer Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    FAS Center for Systems Biology, Harvard University
  • “Previously, when a user asked for help in developing a panel, I would send them various links to products from vendors, and ask them to read through them and bring me back some ideas. Invariably, they would choose some fluorochromes that might not be compatible with the instrument they wish to use. Multiple iterations of this back-and-forth would ensue leading to a significant loss of time. When a user logs into Fluorish.com, they are presented with OUR instruments and OUR specific filter configuration. Using this as a starting point eliminates the potential error in purchasing an unsuitable color. In addition, a user may choose to share their panel with me so I can quickly review and revise, if necessary.”Ryan Duggan
    Technical Director, Flow CytometryCore Facility
    University of Chicago
  • “As a flow cytometry core director, one of the most time-consuming aspects of my job is the training of researchers in the theory and practice of experimental setup and panel design. Fluorish simplifies all of this. The Panel Builder allows researchers to have easy access to our instrument configurations and allows them to rapidly search the available catalogs and databases to find fluorochromes and reagents from all available vendors that will work on our instruments—all in a matter of minutes, not days.”Timothy Bushnell, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Hematology
    Scientific And Technical Director, URMC Shared Resource Facility

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